Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Emerging outstanding leaders must be able to identify the things they do to hold themselves back and/or what they do to be more effective. My experience shows that leaders who regularly use deep practice accelerate their development faster than others. It is a process of reflection and journaling.

Journaling is not writing in your diary. It is a process of intentionally making your mind reflect on things it doesn’t naturally see. You will do this by answering questions that you pose and using automatic writing to uncover insights. To journal means to allow all the factors of “life” to teach us what we need to learn. So many learning moments are missed because we don’t focus our attention to notice them.

Journaling helps us contemplate. To move ourselves from precontemplation to contemplation, reflect and think about what could happen in the future. Answer the following question:

How would your job and your life be different if you became an outstanding leader?

It’s not an easy question to answer, and most people have never tried. Which means they are in precontemplation.

If you are serious about starting contemplation, challenge yourself with good questions that engage your mind.

Contemplate on your reasons regularly until you know it is a major priority in your life. When your reasons “why” become greater than your reasons “why not,” you will have found the motivation and inspiration to become outstanding.