Technical Leaders

Transformational Leadership Coaching for Technical Leaders

Elevate and Broaden the Skills and Impact of COOs, CFOs, CIOs, Heads of R&D and Product Development

When You Need It:

  • You want to change and you know that you are capable of being an even better leader.
  • You became a success thanks to your technical expertise, but now things aren’t working like before.
  • The competition is winning in critical technical areas and we must create a competitive advantage to improve results. To do that the technical teams need to work better together.
  • You’re spending most of your time now leading, working on the organizational, relational, and developmental with others. This requires a new awareness and a new way of thinking and interacting with others.

Results You’ll Achieve:

Master Powerful Personal Change: Achieve lasting meaningful change that is mental, emotional, and spiritual, with an expert mentor who walks with you until you are ready to do it on your own.

Matter More to Others: Develop a more personal and relational leadership style in ways that are the most meaningful to your organization, your leaders, and the business.

Make a Greater Impact: You’ll get more done as you make a permanent change resulting in better quality, significant growth, and higher profits.

Your Organization Now Enjoys Greater Respect and Reputation: You and your team will be more respected and well-thought-of within the greater organization[G13] and externally in the market.

How We’ll Get You There:

Develop Greater Awareness: Learn to be more in-touch at all times, conscious of your actions and impact on others—including your followers and leaders.

Focus on What Matters Most: Concentrate on the one thing that will improve your leadership the most, which will help to increase your other strengths as well.

Ensure Success Through Diligent Measurement: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. That’s why we conduct diligent 360-Degree Feedback at the beginning and conclusion of every engagement, benchmarking against 75,000 leaders worldwide.

Understand and Leverage Followership – We are experts in showing you how to understand, engage, and inspire in such a way to ensure a greater positive impact with your internal and external followers, both as individuals and as teams.

Expand Your Leadership Through the Six Components of Developing Outstanding Leadership: Including Wisdom, Guidance, Inspiration, Motivation, Support, and Encouragement.