Introducing “Leading-Edge Leadership Development”

Imagine joining a dynamic group of high-performing individuals to foster a sense of community, meet exceptional local leaders, prioritize wellness, explore breakthrough leadership ideas, and collectively tackle leadership challenges with the support of peers. The Leading-Edge Leadership Development offers three 10-week cohorts to cultivate holistic leadership development:

  1. Leading Yourself in Extraordinary Ways – Fall of '23
  2. Creating a Team That Plays Well Together – Winter of '23
  3. Leading Up the Organization – Spring of '24

Each cohort comprises five half-day in-person sessions. A vital aspect of the process involves participants selecting specific leadership practices to experiment with and learn from. By practicing these skills over a few weeks and sharing their learnings with trusted peers, participants experience real, long-lasting growth and form new leadership habits. Unlike other programs that merely suggest what to learn, start, stop, or continue, this program instigates actual behavioral changes and establishes new neural pathways for effective leadership.

Leadership Development Is Crucial

  • It enhances individual and team effectiveness simultaneously. By investing in leadership development programs – organizations will witness improvements in their employees’ skills and performance. Moreover, employees who receive leadership development opportunities from their organization, tend to be more loyal and engaged, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.
  • Participation in effective leadership development initiatives inspires and motivates leaders. The energy and enthusiasm gained from these programs are transmitted back to the organization, resulting in improved employee morale and engagement. When leaders are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead effectively, it creates a positive ripple effect throughout the organization.
  • High-potential leaders seek growth opportunities and aspire to progress in their careers. Leadership development programs allow skill and competency development required for promotion readiness. By recognizing and investing in the development of their high-potential employees, organizations not only foster talent retention but also ensure a pipeline of capable leaders for future success.
  • Introducing Leadership Development 2.0

    Traditional leadership development programs often rely on classroom-based education models, where instructors teach content. However, true leadership mastery requires practical experience rather than just intellectual understanding. Recognizing this need, two esteemed executive coaches with extensive experience in Cincinnati's top companies have developed a cutting-edge Leadership Development process that draws from executive coaching principles. This innovative approach facilitates breakthroughs in leadership development, enabling participants to become exceptional leaders.

    The Success Behind the Approach

    What sets this process apart is its well-designed flow of experiences that allow participants to learn from each other and benefit from the insights provided by executive coaches. Participants gain wisdom and guidance from senior leaders and experienced coaches - creating mutual discovery and meaningful dialogues. This experience forms the program’s foundation and is complemented by valuable content tailored to address participants' specific requests and challenges.

    "Don is an outstanding business professional with the highest ethical standards. I’m grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to remain in contact with him over the years and witness his continued success. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Don again because he delivers results to those he’s serving in a positive and energetic way."  Tracy

    Benefits of Leading-Edge Leadership Development

  • Greater impact & influence
  • Additional confidence & humility
  • Motivation to become the best leader they can be
  • Enhanced emotional resilience
  • Improved self-leadership habits and learning agility
  • Knowledge of how to build high-trust, high-functioning teams 
  • Ability to effectively coach and develop team members
  • Insights about how to lead up and work with difficult bosses and peers
  • "Don provided me with executive coaching for almost a year as I transitioned into a broader leadership role within my firm. As my leadership accountabilities expanded, I needed to adapt my leadership style and add new skills to make me effective with a broader range of constituents as well as learn to "manage up" effectively. Given I joined the firm 20 years ago, I needed skills to get others in the firm to see me as I was currently performing, not reach conclusions from older experiences when I was an immature leader. Don did all of this effectively. I have subsequently been promoted multiple times and now run a newly launched international division of the firm. Many of his counsel, tricks and tips replay themselves in my head and all the right times. During this difficult process, I never felt judged or lacking during this process, the approach was build on your skills and minimize your weaknesses." Christine

    Who is it designed for?

    Leading-Edge Leadership Development is designed for highly motivated people leaders who understand the challenges of leadership and aspire to be exceptional leaders for their teams. Ideally, participants are in their first or second leadership position. They are considered high-potential individuals within their organizations, with ambitions for promotion or seeking readiness for future career advancements.


    The program consists of three 10-week cohorts, each focusing on the three core aspects of leadership: leading yourself, leading others and leading the organization:

    Program Logistics

    Each cohort is limited to 12 participants, with a maximum of two participants from any given organization. The sessions begin with breakfast alongside a remarkable local leader, who imparts valuable insights on the day's topic and shares key ideas for extraordinary leadership. Participants should block out 7:30 to 12:00 on the meeting days.

    Note: Cohort One intake coaching sessions will be scheduled September 5th – 8th

    The program fee for each cohort is $2,900, including all books, materials, and meals. Receive a discount for signing up for all three cohorts – the pricing per cohort will be $2,750.

    To obtain further information or reserve a seat, please get in touch with Cara Sanna at [email protected] or call (513)260-0145.