Leadership effectiveness is a powerful tool to enable successful business decisions.  Top executives use coaching to improve performance and accelerate their results. They understand emotional intelligence, leadership synergy and team engagement are critical in attaining growth potential. 

Don Frericks partners with leaders to identify the following:

  • blind spots and internal barriers
  • enhance their profound strengths
  • develop habits to ensure long-term effectiveness.

Don believes leadership development is a personal journey that leads to more effective executives, collaborative teams, and a more sustainable culture of success. Using a guided process, he partners alongside his clients to create a uniquely curated development and training program with measurable results. Don works with his clients as a trusted advisor to achieve company goals and produce extraordinary leaders. This is based on a 360 assessment, one-on-one coaching sessions and team building.


High performers are leaders seeking meaningful engagement and development. A company that invests in its people sees a return in retention and profitability. Leadership Development provides a competitive advantage by supporting your greatest asset – your people.


An effective leader knows how to maximize their profound strengths and overcome their blind spots to build result-driven habits. By identifying these skills and implementing an intentional process unique to you, a leader can achieve measurable behavior change


Executive Coaching is collaboration - to be successful it requires honest feedback, internal and external assessment of oneself, and on-the-job practice to track growth.  Leveraging a proven 360-coaching model will help identify a results driven plan to achieve effective leadership.


Engaged teams create a sustainable culture of success. Driving collaboration, synergy and an aligned vision help individuals to become a team that brings forward the best potential of its members.


Process breakdowns lead to ineffectual team members. Taking an integrated approach to company goals, leadership development and issue identification can help minimize interferences, promote trust and collaboration, and build rapid growth.  


Aligning purpose, vision and effective leadership skills will turn intentions into action. Focused leadership activates employees to achieve success.

Being a great leader matters. Let’s work together to build your program today and begin to unlock the potential and skills to drive increase business results.

Client's Served

Success Stories

Exemplary Leadership

The leaders Don works with often hear feedback that they are “good,” “average,” or “fine,” indicators that while successful there are blind spots that prevent them from achieving extraordinary. Don’s goal is to illuminate their awareness to increase emotional intelligence and to identify critical skills to more rapidly improve their leadership effectiveness. This method helps clients to successfully focus on areas that will make the biggest impact in their leadership style for more immediate results.

The Average, Too Nice Leader

Don guided a CPG executive who was consistently give feedback he was “too nice” which impacted his ability to coach up his team. Working through Don’s program, the CPG executive was able to identify emerging strengths to increase his competency as a team leader. Within 18 months feedback showed improvement by a factor of 10.

The High Conflict Leader

A Senior Partner with an executive search firm was known as being difficult to work with, quick to conflict with her coworkers and judgmental, internally. Don worked with her to develop self-awareness that she lacked trust among her coworkers from the lack of collaboration and they began to focus on develop her emotional intelligence and patience. She not only rebuilt her internal relationships but was subsequently promoted following Don’s coaching practices.

The New Leader

Don was engaged by a non-profit board to work alongside the newly appointed CEO to guide him as he actively learned on the job. Through six months of coaching and collaboration with Don, the CEO was able to build his skills while also developing a successful restructuring plan for the team to improve leadership across the organization. The CEO has gone on to achieve significant effectiveness, leading the organization to 70% revenue growth in under a decade.