Leadership Development workshops are modified for clients based on their unique objectives and requirements.  The design philosophy is to engage participants to solve their problems/take advantage of their opportunities through the workshop experience.  This interactive, problem solving approach allows participants to learn new content and make a commitment to implement what they learn.  The workshop is only one step of a process to enable habits to be developed and help the participants become more effective.

The following workshops can be modified or customized for you and your team.

Leadership Development Community

  • A series of workshops to help leaders practice new skills and leadership actions (inspiring & motivating, communicating powerfully, developing others, etc.)  The process combines cohort experiences with individual coaching and accountability partner support.

How We Became Leaders 

  • What the best leaders did to become outstanding leaders.  This workshop is designed to help aspiring leaders understand what it takes to become an outstanding leader, how to create an action plan that enables rapid growth and development.  Leaders will learn how to avoid the typical obstacles that aspiring leaders confront in their development process.

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

  • A workshop about followership and how people know when to take the lead or follow.  The participants will learn to understand and have empathy for followers.  The participants will learn how to use follower’s perceptions and feedback to become outstanding leaders.

Leading High Performing Teams

  • A workshop to help leaders learn how to improve team performance.  Participants will determine if they have a high performing team and if not, what they can do to improve the team’s performance.  Participants walk away with a plan to develop their team and how to navigate the obstacles associated with growing their team’s capabilities.

Leadership is About Relationships

  • A workshop about how outstanding leaders use their relationships to create influence.  The participants will complete a relationship audit and stakeholder assessment and determine which relationships should be strengthened and how they can do it successfully


  • A motivational workshop to increase energy and accountability for any audience.  This workshop is designed to help participants become the best version of themselves.  Participants will experience an incredible metaphor of breakthrough and learn how to manage their energy.  Each person will create a personal action plan to work with high energy and renew their sources of energy daily.