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March Newsletter

# 1 – Low Trust Teams = Turnover… Today and every day, intentionally build more trust.

# 2 – Coaching Made Easy… Your team wants great coaching – three questions to help them.

# 3 – Energy = Leadership Rocket Fuel… Renew energy daily to have enough to give it away.

Three New Ideas

# 1 – Notice How Work Is Changing

Few people, if any, would disagree that the world of work has changed in the last 20 years. In the few years since the start of the pandemic, you can see significant change. Many people quit their jobs, and others quit working altogether. Women were significantly affected, and the “great resignation” came about. The employment market changed dramatically to an employee-driven market from an employer-driven marketplace.

Things that were unthinkable before the pandemic, like everyone working from home, occurred almost overnight. Remote work has taken all the headlines recently. Still, not everyone has the opportunity, and those that do work from home seem to be experiencing disadvantages as well as advantages: save time by not commuting, but you may work more. Is remote work better for families with children – if your kids are home, you can be interrupted “up to 15 times an hour” – Life Project.

AI, robotics, and automation accelerated as well. Companies are automating more with fewer (3 million per U.S. Chamber of Commerce) people in the workplace. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is in full swing. Have you tried ChatGBT yet?

Ask Yourself: How have the changes to work affected my team? What’s working / what’s not working for them?  

# 2 – Change the Way Your Team Works

McKinsey & Company writes in “What is the future of work?” that leaders should focus on:

  1. Creating a “sense of purpose” –  help your team do purpose-driven work.
  2. Form “small, cross-functional teams” to create a different team experience – provides autonomy and empowerment (drivers of engagement).
  3. Do more “reskilling and upskilling” so employees are more versatile.
  4. Find new “zero-cost, high-optionality ways to collaborate.” In 2023 there must be better ways to collaborate than Slack channels and Zoom meetings.

Ask Yourself: What is my plan to change how my team works this year?  

# 3 – The Art of Leadership Isn’t Changing

Even with massive societal and economic change, the cornerstone of leadership has not and will not change. Leaders lead people and manage resources. As more change occurs, the importance of leadership increases. We need great change leaders today!

Jacob Morgan wrote The Future Leader. He asked 140 global CEOs about the top skills and mindsets that will be most important for future leaders. As a result, he created “The Notable Nine” – 4 Mindsets & 5 Skills. I love his title and the names of the nine, but for the most part, these are just repackaged leadership ideas we have talked about for years.

Mindsets: “Global Citizen” – think globally, embrace diversity. “Servant” – be humble and serve all stakeholders. “Chef” – balances essential ingredients, especially human assets and technology. “Explorer” – be open to new ideas; be curious.

Skills: “Coach” – develop your people. “Futurist” – stay on top of trends. “Technology Teenager” – embrace new technology. “Translator” – be a master communicator. “Yoda” – use emotional intelligence.

The human aspects of leadership have always been the most difficult. Leaders will have to bridge the gap between people and technology. Having multiple generations in the workplace and the need for greater diversity will continue to be challenging. Leadership is an ART. The good news is that the principles of leadership will not dramatically change.

Ask Yourself: What leadership skill, if done at the highest level, could be used to leverage my team’s strengths and help them be more successful?

Want to Know More?

1.     What is the future of work? January 23, 2023, McKinsey & Company

2.     The future of leadership: anticipating 2030 May 22, 2019, Grant Thornton

3.     Leadership is an Art – Max DePree – has long been a must-read. First published in 1989, the book has sold more than 800,000 copies!

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