December 29

Leadership Effectiveness: Five Valuable Improvement Ideas

   1. Commit to get feedback about your current level of leadership effectiveness.

a. Look for any blind spots that could be holding you back.

b. Identify your strengths – own them; be clear about what, when, where, who and why they show up in your approach to leading others.

    2. Pledge to grow 1% each day.

a. Do one thing each day, every day. Plan it and add it to your calendar as an appointment.

b. Track whether you did it or not. Know your statistics.

   3. Learn from your practice.

a. Start a journal to analyze your leadership effectiveness and your practice attempts to be better.

b. Clearly analyze what is working or is not working. Everything a leader does has to be customized to each person in their ecosystem. Not every attempt will work for every person.

  4. Use sprints to practice more.

a. The longer the goal, we often put off the start or the amount of practice effort. Use 90-day goals instead of an annual goal.

b. Focus increases with urgency. The shorter the amount of time, the level of intentional focus increases. High-intensity training works for your body and your development.

  5. Be accountable to someone else.

a. Announce to your best accountability friends what you are doing and how they can help by taking an interest in your goal and helping to ‘audit’.

b. Regularly, ask them to audit your leadership effectiveness improvement progress, and effort. Discuss what you might do differently.


Good Luck This Year!

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