In addition to full day workshops, Don is also available for shorter form speaking engagements. These speaking sessions do still include audience participation to keep engagement high, and may be a good option when a shorter time frame is required or as an introduction to Don and his methods with a full length workshop planned for a future time.

Sample Speaking Topics

The secrets training professionals don’t want you to know.

– The results from training & why it is so bad
– How to get the most out of training

The secrets of outstanding leaders and how they got to be so good at leading others

– Common themes among outstanding leaders
– What to do to develop yourself

Why your employee engagement scores are stuck and are not going to get better

– The real story behind employee engagement
– What can you do differently to increase engagement?

What do employees want more than anything else?

– Understanding how to unlock employee motivation
– What does the research say about employee engagement?

What does personal mastery, deep practice, and leadership development have in common?

– Learning from the best about how to be the best
– If you could do three things, you could become outstanding at anything

Why does leadership matter? (Why the world desperately needs more effective leaders)

– How the world is sub-optimizing without great leaders
– What impact do great leaders have on their organizations

Are you an outstanding leader? (If not, what you can do about it)

– How can you determine if you are an outstanding leader?
– What do you do if you have big blind spot or if you have an emerging strength

How to become the best leader in the shortest amount of time

– Key factors to make developing skills faster and better
– How to use focused strength-based development

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